Since there are no federal or state requirements for personal property appraisers, an appraiser's membership in an appraising organization of their peers is important. It is a guarantee that your choice of service provider will be professional, ethical, and competent.

Different appraising organizations have different levels of membership, many of which do not recognize the appraiser's qualifications to appraise. It can be confusing since there is no standard system that applies to all organizations.

Our general appraisers have completed 256 hours of product knowledge classes including antique and collectible furniture, antique and collectible pottery, antique and collectible glass, antique and collectible metals, antique and collectible jewelry, Asian collectibles, primitives and an appraisal theory class.

In addition, our appraisers must remain current with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (U.S.P.A.P.)